Coya Insurance Review [A detailed 2021 English Guide]

coya review

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Coya insurance is disrupting Germany’s traditional insurance industry and calling for attention, especially in expat circles. In this article, we will review Coya insurance and its products and services, for you to make an informed decision, whether Coya is for you.

What and who is Coya Insurance?

Coya Insurance is a German insurance startup, striving to disrupt the traditional old school insurance industry. The idea for Coya was born in 2016, and after receiving the German license from BaFin (Federal Financial Supervisory Authority), they went live with their first insurance product in 2018. They are based in Berlin, and all your data is stored in servers in Frankfurt.

Since going live, Coya has released six different insurance products for everyday life. We go into detail for each one below. Their products and services are 100% digital, with a very user-friendly interface on desktop and mobile. And since you are reading this article in English, you are probably an expat, so the best news for you: Coya offers everything in English!

If you are interested in all details of how Coya was founded, go ahead and read their story or watch their video:


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Reviews of Coya Insurance

A lot of people, especially in Germany, associate risk and uncertainty with the term startup. Let’s take a look at the reviews of Coya customers on different platforms. 

Coya Reviews on Trustpilot

Coya Insurance Trustpilot Reviews
Coya Insurance Trustpilot Reviews
Source: Trustpilot

Coya Reviews on Google

Coya Insurance Google Reviews
Source: Google

Next to customer based reviews, Coya has also been reviewed by Stiftung Warentest, Germany’s most objective and most reliable consumer product testers. Coya’s home contents insurance was ranked second out of 157 tariffs. 

What products does Coya insurance offer?

Coya insurance offers a total of six insurance policies. 

1. Private Liability Insurance

Screenshot of Coya liability homepage
Source: Coya

Note: Keep in mind that this private liability insurance does not cover damages done by drones 🛸.

Private Liability is pretty much the most important insurance you can have while living in Germany. A fact supported by 83% of Germans owning such insurance.

By law, you are 100% liable for any third party damages. So if you break someone else’s phone by accident or disregard a traffic regulation, which causes an accident, it is your financial neck on the line. You will have to cover the repair and medical costs. Especially medical costs can amount to six or even seven figures quite easily. This is where your private liability insurance kicks in. 

Coya’s basic personal liability insurance starts at 4,99 euros a month and covers damages for up to 30 million euros. This insurance should be a no-brainer. However, if you need more examples or comparisons with other providers, take a look at our guide on the ‘5 Best Personal Liability Insurances in Germany’.

2. Home Contents Insurance

Coya Home Contents Insurance Homepage
Source: Coya

Home contents insurance was Coya’s first product. This insurance covers your belongings’ financial loss in case of fire, hail, smoke, explosion, burglary, robbery, vandalism, storms, and water damage caused by burst pipes or a leaking appliance (e.g., a refrigerator). 76% of Germans own a home contents insurance, making it the 3rd favorite insurance in Germany. Only car insurance (which is mandatory to have when you own a car) comes between liability and home contents.

Coya offers three different plans for their home contents insurance, so you can choose the level of protection you need. You can also increase or decrease the total amount that should be insured, based on your belongings’ value.

The basic plan starts at 1,79 euros per month and covers fire, storm, hail, water, burglary, and theft (mostly up to 500 euros). The plus plan adds protection for digital theft and harm and covers data recovery. It increases the theft cover mostly to 1.000 euros. The premium plan also extends the cover to the outside of your home and increases the insurance benefit to 100% of your items’ value. 

Additionally, you can choose to add further add-ons to your home contents insurance, such as protection against gross-negligence, bicycle theft, and broken glass.

Again, we have written a detailed guide on the ‘Best Home Contents Insurances in Germany’, if you’d like more in-depth information.

3. Dog Liability Insurance

Coya Dog Liability Insurance Homepage
Source: Coya

Depending on where you live in Germany, dog liability insurance is mandatory by law. Even if your state does not make it mandatory, you should seriously consider it. Similar to personal liability insurance, it protects you from financial losses, in case your dog causes damages to third parties. Since you can’t really control your dog’s actions all the time, he or she is doomed to cause trouble sooner or later. 

Like private liability, Coya’s dog liability insurance starts at 5,99 euros a month and covers up to 30 million euros without a deductible. For more details on dog liability insurance in Germany, please take a look at our guide

4. Pet Health Insurance

Coya Pet Health Insurance Homepage
Source: Coya

Pets don’t only cause trouble; they also need regular check-ups or get sick and need treatment. Just like medical care for humans, medical care for pets ain’t cheap. Coya offers two different options. You can opt only to insure the really expensive treatments, a.k.a. surgeries, or you can add general health insurance for your dog or cat, to cover all vet visits and other treatments.

The basic version of both covers 80% of costs up to a maximum of 20.000 euros, but you have the option to increase it to 100%. The basic surgery insurance starts at 9,32 euros a month. For more in-depth information, visit our guide on the ‘Best Dog Insurance in Germany’.

5. Bike Theft Insurance

Coya Bike Insurance Homepage
Source: Coya

More than 80% of Germans use bicycles, and their popularity keeps growing. To enjoy riding your bike and to feel safe in traffic, a proper bike does wonders compared to a half-broken one from one of the many flea-markets. However, in 2019, 155.000 bikes were reported stolen in Germany, resulting in damages of 110 million euros.  

So if you own a good bike (worth more than 500 euros) that you bought newly, and it is less than a year old, Coya’s bike theft insurance is for you. It starts at 4,41 euros per month and insures one bicycle up to 10.000 euros for a maximum of five years against theft and vandalism. For more information, please take a look at our guide, ‘Best Bicycle Insurance in Germany’. 

6. E-Bike Theft Insurance

Source: Coya

E-Bikes are popping up on the street left, right, and center here in Germany. They have conquered the cycling world and are even more high value than regular bikes. Hence, it makes even more sense to insure your new mode of transportation. Coya’s e-bike insurance pretty much is the same as the regular bike insurance, with the add on that the battery is also insured against theft and vandalism. It starts at 7,11 euros per month.

How to sign up and claim with Coya?

Anyone can sign up with any of Coya’s insurance plans in less than five minutes online. Pick the insurance you want, adjust it to your needs, enter your data and payment method, and you are covered: no paperwork, no German, no worries.

In case of an incident, you can file your claim online, just as smoothly. Your claim will get checked, of course, and if viable, your reimbursement will be confirmed digitally as well. 


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Final Thoughts

Coya aims to become Europe’s leading digital insurance, and they are on a good way of achieving that. With their easy, transparent, and affordable insurance policies, paired with their excellent customer service, they are definitely disrupting the German insurance industry – in a positive way. Especially for expats, they simplify life tremendously in Germany.

Happy insurance hunting!

 📣 This article contains affiliate links. When you click on the links of products we mention in this article and purchase it we will receive a small commission. It will not make any difference to you in price, however, it allows us to keep Simple Germany alive and striving.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We are happy to help.

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