Exclusive CV Online Workshop with Simple Germany Co-Founder Yvonne

learn to write an effective cv to LAND MORE INTERVIEWS in germany.

Let us show you in this live online workshop exactly HOW to prepare your resume to meet German standards and WHAT will make your CV stand out so you can land a job interview.



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why take this workshop

Have you struggled with landing a job interview in Germany? Most likely, your CV is part of the problem – it could be the format, the content, or a missing picture. 

Your CV only has a few seconds to make a good impression. According to experts: 

“The person reviewing your CV may review 50+ others that day. Making it easy to quickly understand your information will make you stand out more than a quirky design or information overload.”

Most expats don’t realize that Germany has its own standards for CVs. Which, spoiler alert, differ from other countries. 🙈

In this live workshop, you will learn all about creating your CV in a way that matches the expectations of German hiring managers and recruiters.

Exclusive access to an expert

what to expect from this workshop

We want this live workshop to feel more like a conversation between friends. You will learn all about the dos and don’ts about a German CV and how to capture attention. You will get plenty of actionable tips to improve your CV.

You will also have direct access to an experienced German hiring manager who has received extensive international recruitment training. 

The workshop has limited seats to guarantee each participant the chance to raise their individual questions.

2 hours Packed with Information

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Who will give the Workshop?

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I am the co-founder of Simple Germany and will be your host of this exclusive workshop.

I worked as a hiring manager in Dusseldorf for over 3 years, directly hired over 10 new team members, and supervised the hiring of over 150 part-time workers. I have received extensive training on international recruitment. 

Throughout my professional career, I have held jobs in Germany and overseas. So I have seen firsthand how important it is to understand the cultural differences when presenting a CV.

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How is the workshop going to be held?
After sign-up we will send you a Zoom link to join the workshop – no download needed.

When is the workshop going to be held?
The next date of the exclusive workshop will be announced soon.

How much will I interact with Yvonne?
This is not a lecture, but a conversation-based workshop. Your questions are welcome; however, don’t expect an individual mentorship.

Will this workshop guarantee me a job in Germany?
No, it does not. Putting the learnings, tips, and expert advice from this workshop into practice is your individual task. We do our very best to help you land more job interviews, but we cannot guarantee individual success. Applying for a job in Germany requires hard work, patience, and skill.