Yvonne Koppen

Researcher and Writer
Hometown: 🇩🇪 Bonn


  • Expert in simplifying German bureaucracy for international skilled workers.
  • Holds degrees in Business Management, Tourism and Event Management, and International Management from prestigious institutions across Europe and the U.S.
  • Featured on popular podcasts like Understanding Train Station and Housing Anywhere.


  • German Bureaucracy
  • German Tax System
  • Finance and Insurance Providers in Germany
  • Relocation to Germany
  • German Culture


Yvonne Koppen is a seasoned researcher and writer specializing in making German bureaucracy understandable for international skilled workers and their families. With her comprehensive educational background and hands-on experience, she bridges the gap between complex German systems and the needs of expats. Through her in-depth research and personal explorations, Yvonne provides a unique dual perspective that turns intricate topics into accessible, reader-friendly content. Yvonne's work is not only informative but also empowering, helping her audience to navigate their new lives in Germany with confidence. Her contributions extend beyond writing, as she shares her insights through various media, including podcasts and YouTube, further establishing her as a trusted voice in her field. When Yvonne isn't demystifying German procedures, she indulges in hiking, road tripping in her mini-camper, reading non-fiction, and enjoying Lego builds with her wife, Jen.


Yvonne's academic journey is as diverse as her professional one. She earned her Bachelor's degree in Business Management from University of Sunderland, followed by a specialization in Tourism and Event Management from the European Business College in Bonn. She later pursued International Management at Berkeley College in Manhattan, New York. Committed to continual learning, Yvonne has also participated in a writing seminar and a public speaking workshop in Düsseldorf, further honing her communication skills. Yvonne's upcoming projects include continuous learning about German administrative processes and creating content that not only informs but also equips internationals with the knowledge to thrive in their new environment. Her goal is to remain at the forefront of delivering valuable insights and resources to her audience through her writing and educational videos.


  • University of Sunderland, UK - Bachelor in Business Management
  • European Business College in Bonn, Germany - Diploma in Tourism and Event Management
  • Berkeley College in Manhattan, New York City - International Management

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