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Empowering Kids in Guatemala

At Simple Germany, our mission goes beyond empowering internationals to settle into life in Germany. We also want to pay it forward by empowering kids in Guatemala (Jen’s home country) through education.

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How It All Started

When we reached 25,000 subscribers on YouTube, we did a fundraiser selling t-shirts and donated the profits to an NGO called Safe Passage. Safe Passage is in Guatemala City — Jen’s hometown.

The Results

With the support of our community, we sold 140 T-shirts and donated US$1.500 to Safe Passage!


About Safe Passage

Safe Passage (Camino Seguro) is a nonprofit organization based in Guatemala City (Jen’s hometown). Their goal is to break the cycle of poverty by providing comprehensive support to the children and families that live around the city’s largest garbage dump.

Safe Passage aims to create real opportunities for students and their families, empowering them to achieve a better future through education and comprehensive support​.

Jen at Safe Passage in Guatemala City

Continuous Contribution

Ever since our 25K T-shirt initiative, we have donated a percentage of our revenue to Safe Passage.

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“Safe Passage has a special place in our hearts as it is deeply connected to our roots.” – Jen

How You can Help

Join us in making a difference. Look out for an NGO in your home country that matches your values and pay it forward.

If you wish, you can also donate to Safe Passage directly.