What is A Smoothler?

A Smoothler is a modern term we created, combining “smooth” + “settler” to describe internationals who relocate and seamlessly integrate into their new surroundings in Germany. It’s more than just a move; it’s about embracing a new chapter with ease and confidence.

Smoothlers Live by These Values

🌱 Adaptability: Quickly adjust to new environments, cultures, and lifestyles.

🧐 Curiosity: Natural curiosity and eagerness to explore and learn about their new home.

💪 Resilience: Handle challenges with grace, turning potential obstacles into opportunities for growth.

🤝 Connectivity: Actively seek connections and build a community, making their new environment feel like home.

🧠 Open-mindedness: Accept cultural differences and be willing to learn from them.

☀️ Positivity: Focus on the opportunities rather than the challenges.

The Journey of a Smoothler

💭 Dreamer: At this stage, you’re filled with excitement and curiosity about moving to Germany but haven’t yet figured out the exact path. You’re exploring options, gathering information, and envisioning your new life.

📋 Planner: You have a clear idea of how to make the move happen and are diligently preparing for it. This stage involves detailed planning, from handling paperwork to organizing logistics, ensuring a smooth transition.

🎒 Newcomer: You’ve recently arrived in Germany. Everything is fresh and new, and you’re starting to navigate your surroundings. This phase is about initial adjustments, discovering local culture, and beginning to settle into your new home.

👩‍🚀 Settler: Having been in Germany for two years or more, you’ve truly integrated into the community. You’ve built a life, established routines, and now consider Germany your home. This stage is about thriving and enjoying the fruits of your journey.

🚀 Voyager: For some, the journey continues as a Voyager. After spending time in Germany, you may decide to embark on a new adventure elsewhere, taking the experiences and lessons from your time in Germany with you.

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an image of a smoothler