Jen Palacios

Researcher and Writer
Hometown: 🇬🇹 Guatemala City


  • Expert in customer and foreign-friendly services in Germany, focusing on banking, insurance, and telecommunications.
  • Holds a Bachelor in Hotel and Restaurant Management and has completed an intensive bootcamp in full-stack software development.
  • Featured on popular podcasts including The Germany Experience, Understanding Train Station, and Housing Anywhere.
  • Moved from Guatemala City to Budapest in 2010. From Budapest to Germany in 2012.


  • Relocation to Germany
  • Working and Living in Germany as a Foreigner
  • Foreign-Friendly Service Providers in Germany
  • German Culture
  • Web Development


Jen Palacios combines her personal journey as an immigrant with her professional research skills to provide invaluable insights to international skilled workers settling in Germany. Her work is a beacon for those navigating the complexities of a new culture and its service industries. She expertly distills intricate topics into essential, actionable advice, making the transition into German life smoother and more comprehensible. As a seasoned public speaker, Jen has shared her knowledge at finance conventions for expats and online educational sessions, further establishing her as a trusted voice in the expatriate community. Her writing is not only informative but also infused with the empathy of someone who has walked the same path her readers are on. Outside her professional life, Jen's curiosity and passion for learning manifest in diverse interests from woodworking to web development. Her commitment to continuous personal and professional growth ensures that her content remains relevant and deeply resonant with her audience's needs.


Jen's academic journey began at Universidad Rafael Landivar in Guatemala City, where she earned her Bachelor in Hotel and Restaurant Management. Embracing the digital world, she further honed her technical skills with a full-stack software development bootcamp through Complementing her formal education, Jen has also completed the Dale Carnegie Public Speaking Course and various online courses in video editing, website design, development, and marketing.

Personal Life

When not engaged in demystifying German culture and services, Jen enjoys the tactile pleasures of woodworking, the methodical construction of Lego sets, and the freedom of road trips with her wife, Yvonne. She finds peace in long outdoor walks and stimulates her mind with non-fiction and business literature. A lifelong learner, her passion for web development and new skills keeps her perspectives fresh and her guidance forward-thinking.

Looking Ahead

Jen is dedicated to expanding her knowledge of German cultural processes and international perspectives. Her future projects include continuing to write guides and produce YouTube videos for Simple Germany that empower internationals to integrate seamlessly into life in Germany, offering them a guiding hand through her experienced lens.


  • Universidad Rafael Landìvar, Bachelor in Hotel & Restaurant Management
  •, Full Stack Software Development

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