Best Bicycle Insurance in Germany [2021 English Guide]

Germany is a cycling paradise and depending on where you come from, you might be surprised by the number of cyclists on the road. You might also know already that Germany is the land of insurances, so of course, we help you decide if and which bicycle insurance in Germany you need.

We are avid cyclers and we will review the best bicycle insurance in Germany for you. We will also give you an insight into our own experience and the nature of cycling in Germany. 

Which is the best bicycle insurance in Germany?

Here are our top picks for the best bicycle insurances in Germany for expats.

1. Hepster

Screenshot of Hepster Bike Insurance
Source: Hepster translated by Google

Hepster is a German lifestyle insurance company. They offer insurance for pretty much any sport equipment that has a higher value, all digital and flexible. Their bike insurance does not only offer protection against theft, but you can also choose to insure your bicycle for tear and wear, as well as vandalism.

You can choose between an annual subscription, which you can cancel within three days after the minimum duration of one year has passed, or one-time protection of 7 to 30 days. The annual cover starts at 60 euros, so that is 5 euros per month with no deductible. The price depends on the purchase price of your bike.

Hepster Bike Insurance Benefits
Source: Hepster translated by Google

Should you be into bike racing or triathlons (like I am 😊), Hepster is a great insurance for your fancy race bike, as the maximum purchase price can be as high as 10.000 euros. Another benefit Hepster offers is no age restriction on your bike; however, there is a six-week waiting period if your bike is older than one year.

The only downside is that the Hepster website and customer service are only available in German.

Hepster Benefits:

✅ Covers theft, burglary, and vandalism
✅ Cover for tear & wear possible (including falls & accidents, but not during competitions)
✅ Covers bikes up to 10.000 euros including all essential parts
✅ Pays you the reinstatement value of your bike
✅ 24-hour protection
✅ Worldwide cover
✅ No age restrictions on your bike (6-week waiting period if older than 1 year)
✅ No minimum purchase price for a bike lock
✅ No deductible

Hepster Drawbacks:

⛔️ Cancel Anytime only after 1 year with annual contract
⛔️ Website and customer support only in German

2. Getsafe

Screenshot of Getsafe Bike Theft Insurance
Source: Getsafe

Getsafe is a modern insurtech company revolutionizing the traditional insurance industry. All digital, easy, and fast are three attributes of Getsafe. Its individual bicycle theft insurance starts at 3,75 euros per month and you can add several bikes to one contract. You can choose to get Getsafe bicycle insurance up to three years after buying your bike, if you use it for everyday life and not for competitions.

Getsafe Bike Insurance Benefits
Source: Getsafe

Getsafe Benefits:

✅ Covers theft, burglary, vandalism, and theft of parts
✅ Cover includes not only the lock but also helmets and trailers
✅ Pays you the reinstatement value of your bike
✅ 24-hour protection
✅ Worldwide cover 
✅ Covers several bikes with one contract
✅ Cancel anytime
✅ Website and customer support available in English
✅  Only new bikes less than 3 years old can be insured

Getsafe Drawbacks:

⛔️ You need to use a lock from an approved manufacturer worth more than 50 euros
⛔️ Bikes used for competitions or racing are not covered

With our special Getsafe code, you even get a 15 euros discount. With the below link, the code is automatically applied to the Getsafe website at the end of your purchase.

When do I need German bike insurance?

If you have recently bought a new bike in Germany, we highly recommend you consider getting a bike theft insurance. I speak from personal experience that this insurance is super important. In fact, it is the only insurance I have made use of so far in my life.

My two-week-old new bike got stolen in front of my office. It cost 800 euros. After filing the claim I received the full 800 euros from my insurance and bought the same bike again.

However, my bicycle theft insurance is included in my home contents insurance. So you only need to get separate bicycle insurance, if you do not have a home contents insurance or if you would also like to insure your bike against vandalism and wear & tear, as Hepster does.

Should you have home contents insurance already, check, whether you can add bike theft to its cover. In case you cannot, take a look at our home contents insurance guide and consider switching your insurance providers.

Additionally to bicycle insurance, you should invest in a proper high quality lock. I only upgraded mine, after I experienced the theft of my bike, so don’t make the same mistake. The bike lock I use and trust in is the Abus Bordo Big Folding Lock.

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Why do I need bicycle insurance in Germany?

Bike theft is very popular in Germany, especially in larger cities. In 2019, the resulting damages of bicycle theft were 110 million euros. The number of insured bicycles stolen was 155.000, resulting on an average bike price of 710 euros.  

Statistic Maps of Germany showing bike theft numbers in 2019
Source: GDV – bike thefts in 2019 per 100.000 inhabitants (compared to 2018)

According to Statista, these are the top 5 cities for bicycle theft in 2019 in Germany

CityReported casesSolved cases

If you are living in a city and plan on getting or already have a proper bike, you should consider getting bicycle insurance. 

Does Bicycle insurance cover damages you cause while biking?

No. The bicycle insurances reviewed in this article cover theft and vandalism of your bike. Damages you cause to others while riding your bike are not included. These are covered by your private liability insurance

Does Bicycle insurance cover damages on my bike?

No, it does not. If you damage your bike yourself or need to replace parts (for example a flat tire), you will need to pay for it yourself. 

Is biking popular in Germany?

Yes, biking is increasing in popularity in Germany year by year. According to Statista, there are almost 80 million bicycles owned in Germany. The usage varies, from commuting to work to leisure rides and holiday trips. 

E-bikes especially have experienced a boom in the past years and you will see them take you over on the next hill. 

A lot of cities in Germany already have plenty of designated cycling lanes and the topic of increasing and improving the cycling infrastructure, even more, is a hot political topic. 

Since 2000, there even is a German Cycling Prize awarded each year to innovative projects for the promotion of cycling.  

As a side note, for my wife Jen and I, our bicycles are our everyday method of transport all year long. It keeps us active, flexible, and environmentally clean. My personal recommendation is to buy a new bike from a proper local retailer in order to be safe on the roads. Second-hand bikes sold on eBay or at flea markets are often not in the best shape. Also, keep in mind that when you order a bike online, you have to put it together yourself. I only recommend you to do so, with a little bit of knowledge about bikes.

🔥 Tip: Always wear a helmet! Even though it is not required by law.


You made it till the end! We hope you now understand that cycling in Germany is a thing, unfortunately so is bike theft. If you opt for a proper bike, we recommend reviewing your home contents insurance or buying individual bike insurance from Hepster or Getsafe.