Liability Insurance in Germany Explained [2021 English Guide]

Welcome to Germany, you have arrived in the land of insurances! Liability insurance in Germany (a.k.a. Haftpflichtversicherung), is together with health insurance, the most important insurance you can have.

We have done extensive research to be able to bring you the best personal liability insurance in Germany. With so many offers out there, we understand it is very intimidating and tough to understand why you need it and which one to pick.

In this article, we talk about why getting this insurance is so important, as a lot of expats have never heard or considered getting liability insurance in their home country. We will also present to you and compare the top liability insurance policies.

Quick Comparison of the best personal liability insurance in Germany

If you are short on time, and just want an answer. Here are the best personal liability insurances in Germany:

  1. Getsafe – Our choice – Simple to use, cancel anytime, website, and customer support in English, insurance cover up to 15 million euros. You can only use it through their mobile app.
  2. Feather – Simple to use, no deductible, cancel anytime, website and customer service available in English, insurance cover to up to 10 million euros. 
  3. Lemonade – Digital insurer, designed for the 21st century. Great if you want to purchase a bundle of liability and home contents insurance.
  4. Helden – Great German insurance. Their website, customer support, and contract only available in German, but their customer support speaks English. There is a 150 euro deductible on every claim.
  5. Adam Riese – Another great German insurance. Backed by one of the biggest financial service providers in Germany, website, customer support, and contract only available in German. You may only cancel the insurance after one year.

 GetsafeFeatherLemonade HeldenAdam Riese
English Websitepro checkpro checkpro checkx iconx icon
English Customer Servicepro checkpro checkpro checkx iconx icon
Coverage in Eurosup to 50 millionup to 10 millionup to 10 millionup to 50 millionup to 7,5 million
No DeductibleOptionalpro checkOptional€150Optional
Cancel Anytimepro checkpro checkpro checkpro checkpro check
Monthly Costfrom €3,60from €4,99from €2from €6from €1,75

What is private liability insurance in Germany?

Private or personal liability insurance covers any property or personal damages you, your partner, or your kids cause to others. 

According to Statista, 83% of the German population have Haftpflichtversicherung. So it’s no exaggeration that almost everyone in Germany has this insurance. 

Why do you need liability insurance in Germany?

You need liability insurance in Germany because according to German law, you are 100% liable for any damages you might cause to others and their assets. German residents and citizens are in their legal right to sue anyone who has caused damages to their property or themselves, and trust me – they will. 

While you might be able to cover certain damages you caused to property from your own pocket. Medical treatment costs, however, can skyrocket fast and reach five to seven digits.

3 Examples where having personal liability insurance in Germany will save your butt

Example 1

You arrive at the airport. You pop the latch of the taxi door and a gust of wind violently opens the door and hits the taxi parked next to yours. 

You step outside to find a dent the size of an orange on the other taxi. Oops!

Both taxi drivers start yelling at you and tell you that you are responsible for the damages you have caused. 

In this example, you would be responsible for repairing the taxi door. This is a true story, and you can read all the details in this Reddit post.

Example 2

You are at a bar. You spot a friend that you have not seen in some time. Your hello hug might be a bit stronger than he expected.

Your strong hug accidentally makes him drop his brand new iPhone, which was in his hand, to fall on the floor. Of course, the phone lands on a metal bar.

The impact of the fall shatters the phone’s screen. Oops again!

In this example, you would be responsible for fixing your friend’s phone. This is a true story, which happened to me! I contacted my private liability insurance provider, and they were ready to take care of the repair costs for fixing my friend’s phone. 

Example 3

You are playing football with some friends in the park. You want to pass the ball to a teammate, but you kick it a bit too hard.

The ball passes your friend and suddenly hits a biker passing by. The biker falls. You rush to help him out. As you help him stand up, you realize that he might have broken his arm, and his bike is damaged.

In this situation, you would be 100% responsible for the medical and bike repair costs.

And as a viewer of our YouTube Channel commented, these things do happen in real life:

In all examples above, having liability insurance will allow you to cover all the expenses caused by your accidental behavior without leaving you broke. 

I hope you can see why having liability insurance is so important. You never know when things might go wrong. 

What does liability insurance in Germany cover?

Liability insurance in Germany covers the following things:

  1. Damage to someone else’s property
  2. Physical or mental damage to a person
  3. Unintentional damage to the apartment you rent and the building it is in

What does personal liability insurance in Germany not cover?

Liability insurance in Germany does not cover the following things:

  1. Damages you cause while driving a car. Your car insurance should cover this.
  2. Damages caused by your dog or horse. A lot of Germans own horses. Your horse or dog insurance should cover this.
  3. Damages you cause to your property. If you drop your phone and break it, that is not covered. Your phone insurance should cover this.
  4. Work-related damages, if you are full-time self-employed. Your work or freelance liability insurance should cover this.

Which is the best personal liability insurance in Germany?

We have chosen the top five personal liability insurance providers in Germany to compare them for you. Take a look through all our benefits and drawbacks for each one to find the liability insurance that better suits your needs.

All of the liability insurances below have the following benefits:

✓ 100% digital
✓ Easy sign-up process
✓ Modern services founded to disrupt the traditional insurance game

Here are our top picks for the best liability insurance in Germany.

1. Getsafe

Getsafe, based in Heidelberg, was founded in 2015. They originally started as an insurance broker. In 2018 they decided to sell their brokerage business and start developing their own insurances. 

Getsafe is Germany’s first company to challenge the traditional insurance business. It allows customers to purchase liability insurance online easily. 

Screenshot of Getsafe Liability Insurance
Source: Getsafe

Starting at 3,60 euros a month for a single person, you can get coverage for up to 50 million euros with their premium cover. You can easily add your partner and children to have a family policy. With its premium cover, Getsafe pays you the purchase price of a damaged item not older than 12 months, and not only the time value.

Gestafe LIability Insurance Pricing Comparison
Source: Getsafe

Getsafe Benefits

✅ Up to 50 million euros coverage
✅ Option to have no deductible
✅ Website and customer support available in English
✅ Drone liability available as an add-on
✅ You are covered if you are self-employed part-time (up to 12.000 euros revenue)
✅ A lot of (extreme) hobbies are covered as well, e.g., skiing, kitesurfing, motorboats
✅ Easy access to what is covered
✅ You may cancel anytime

Getsafe Drawbacks

⛔️ You can only access their services through their native phone app

With our special Getsafe code, you even get a 15 euros discount. With the below link, the code is automatically applied to the Getsafe website at the end of your purchase.

2. Feather

Feather Insurance was founded in 2018 and is based in Berlin. They are an insurance broker, who focuses exclusively on expats in Germany. Therefore their entire process is in simple and easy English and highly efficient. Their goal is to make insurance in Germany easy for internationals. 

Screenshot of Feather Liability Insurance
Source: Feather

Starting at 4,99 euros a month for a single person, you can get liability coverage for up to 10 million euros. You can easily add a partner or kids to your policy. Their sign-up process is easy. Customers are in love with their great customer service.

Feather Benefits

✅ English chat available on their website (although response times are a bit slow)
✅ No deductible
✅ Website and customer support available in English
✅ Easy access to what is covered
✅ You may cancel anytime

Feather Drawbacks

⛔️ No drone coverage available

3. Lemonade

Lemonade, based in New York, was founded in 2016. It has quickly gained popularity in the United States.

They offer a very easy sign-up process as well as the option for claims to be handled within seconds of receiving them. They do all of this with the help of artificial intelligence.

Screenshot of Lemonade Liability Insurance
Source: Lemonade

They brought their services to Germany in 2019. In Germany, you can purchase a separate private liability insurance policy as well as a bundle consisting of liability and home contents insurance. 

The liability insurance package starts at 2 euros a month. Their policy covers up to 10 million euros. Everywhere online, customers seem to be very happy with Lemonade’s excellent customer support, simple and fully transparent insurance policies, and fast response to claims

Lemonade Benefits

Policy 2.0 makes it easy to understand what is covered and what is not
✅ Contract available in English
✅ Website and customer support available in English
✅ Option to choose 0 deductible
✅ Supports social causes
✅ You may cancel anytime

Lemonade Drawbacks

⛔️ Does not cover damages to borrowed items
⛔️ You can only file claims through their native phone app

4. Adam Riese

Adam Riese, based in Stuttgart, was founded in 2017. The first insurance they launched was personal liability insurance. 

Adam Riese is part of the Wüstenrot & Württembergische AG group, which is a big and established financial service provider in Germany. Adam Riese was founded as the Group’s strategy to digitize their products.

They have three different plans, and their most affordable one starts at 21 euros a year, or 1,75 euros a month, and it covers up to 7,5 million euros.

Screenshot of Adam Riese Liability Insurance
Source: Adam Riese

Adam Riese Benefits

✅ Easy to find their terms and conditions for their plans
✅ Cancel anytime
✅ If you recommend a friend you get 60 euros
✅ Their XXL plan covers drone usage
✅ Chat on their website
✅ Option to have no deductible
✅ Supports social causes

Adam Riese Drawbacks

⛔️ Website and contract are just available in German

5. Helden

Helden (Heroes in English), based in Hamburg, was founded in 2016. Their liability insurance is a flat fee of 72 euros a year, or 6 euros a month, and covers up to 50 million euros.

If you have some German language knowledge or don’t mind using Chrome’s translate page feature, this is great liability insurance to purchase. 

Screenshot of Helden Liability Insurance
Source: Helden

Helden is the only modern insurance I was able to find, which covers drone usage in their fees. Their customers love them for their simple system, excellent coverage, and their great customer service. The only big downside of Helden is that there is a deductible of 150 euros on every claim.

Although their website and contract are just available in German, their customer support is more than happy to help you out in English.

Helden Benefits

✅ The monthly fee already includes everyone who lives with you. This means, partner, children, a relative you might be taking care of and au pairs
✅ Easy to find their terms and conditions with detailed information of what is covered and what is not
✅ Drone coverage is included
✅ Chat available on their website
✅ You are covered if you are self-employed (up to 20.000 revenue or 6.000 profit per year)
✅ You may cancel anytime

Helden Drawbacks

⛔️ Website and contract are just available in German
⛔️ Deductible of 150 euros for each claim

With our special Helden code SMPL6, you even save one month permanently. So you will only pay 11 months instead of 12 for the duration of your contract. With the below link, the code is automatically applied on the Helden website at the end of your purchase.


After reviewing the five liability insurance providers above, Getsafe’s liability insurance offer has the most amount of perks. It was tough to find any drawbacks to their offer starting at 3,60 euros a month.

They have great customer service support, are transparent, you have the option to select no deductible, and you have a coverage of up to 50 million euros. Plus, their website and customer support are available in English and you can cancel anytime.